First off, a big thanks to everyone who came down to our last event to see Adam Port. It was a momentous occasion and something we want to keep building on into the new year.

February 8th will see our first appearance at Basing house of 2013 and we are going to start it off with a bang as we invite two very special guests to join us for this 6am licensed event.

We are ecstatic to be playing host to TOM TRAGO. Expect all sorts from the Rush Hour & Voyage Direct stalwart – Detroit-meets-disco vibe. Vocal hip-house workouts. Garage and late night electro-funk. Sleazy analogue synth wave. Upfront deep house. Sounds about right.

Our second guest for tonight is up and coming Italian via London DJ and producer BAUNZ. We have enjoyed his output on lable such as More Music, and Moda Black, we are sure 2013 is going to be a good year for him. You saw it here first!

As always, warming things up will be left to the OONST resident crew. Consisting of ATTS, Oli D.A.B, Ollie Rigg & Robin, we will look after you until the guests take the reins.

Early bird tickets available from RA priced @ £5 strongly advised. MOTD.

For Tickets Please Click HERE