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Steve Mahony
Will Cascalla
Arvin Rain

Bare Minimum is about more than just music, more than just dancing away the night until the next morning. Those moments are great and should be cherished dearly but whats even greater are those moments of self reflection, those transcendental awakenings on the dancefloor. Some people use club culture as a means of escapism, others use it as a means of evolution, a platform to explore the outer reaches of the universe and the inner complexities of the mind.

Our aim and focus is to provide a foundation, a platform from which we can dive into the great unknown. Bare Minimum knows no boundaries, everyone is welcome. We don’t confine ourselves, we don’t live in a box, not in our every day existence and not at our parties. We’re extremely passionate about the music we play, the quality and essence that is put into it but we allow ourselves free reign and scope to deliver whats truly in our heart. Our nights are not restricted to any one genre but rather blend a beautiful feeling from start to finish that traverses all electronic music. Always good quality and always from the heart.

Love is the great healer and love is the answer. The quicker we understand this as a species the quicker we can turn the human experience around and get back on the right path. Music has provided us with a gateway to another kind of existence and as a collective we’re trying to do our part to give this gateway back to the world.

Come through if you’re ready for change, come through if you believe in love, come through and help us change the world – one person at a time, one night at a time, one dance at a time and one beat at a time.

Love, peace and unity!

Bare Minimum

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