Line-up /

Davide Del Vecchio (Rehab)
Mohson Stars (K/D)
Haiju (Hard Life)
Patella (Hard Life)

Wagwan sexies,

We are extremely happy and excited to be back!

In 2018, we will be working on curating a series of events in a variety of smaller scale clubs, to bring back our sound to what we think is the essence of the Hard Life identity: East London packed, vibrant dance floors.

This year is kicking off at one of Shoreditch’s most iconic venues – Basing House. We have narrowed down this event to the best material we can provide, digging up our best records and inviting two remarkable DJs from our extended circle: Davide del Vecchio (Rehab) and Mohson Stars (K/D).

Come down for a boogie, we’ll bring the good vibes.

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