Line-up /

in alphabetical order:

Gustavo Cossetti (Maze)
Luke Miskelly (Fuse)
Tear of Joy (We don’t sync so)

MAZE is Back in Basing House!

Saturday, April 15th (Easter bank holiday weekend).

Originated in London and influenced by the finest roots of the European underground Techno, MAZE will take you, once again, for a fascinating sound ride presented by three very especial artists:

The first part of the journey will be designed by Christopher Michelagnoli, aka TEAR OF JOY; an extremely talented young Italian DJ/Producer that found his heart between the lines of Techno since his first approach to underground music, influenced by the discovery of his Uncle’s huge Vinyl Collection in his Hometown, Vignola (Modena) at the age of 16.

The second set will be performed by no one else than LUKE MISKELLY, the iconic London based resident DJ for FUSE London. Luke developed a love for electronic music during the mid 90’s. Influenced by house and garage, drum ‘n’ bass and jungle he has developed a style which compliments the elements of these genres and has fused them into his loved house and techno style. LUKE has an unique, fresh and energetic Style. The best way to get to know, understand and enjoy MISKELLY is to listen to him where he feels most comfortable; behind the decks.

GUSTAVO COSSETTI , the ambassador of MAZE, truly devoted to techno and its magic nuances, will be responsible for the third and closing set. His hybrid DJing techniques allow him to be very creative and versatile on stage. GUSTAVO has been always fascinated by the nature of sound and its synthesis, and it’s his passion to try and connect people to themselves by making the right use of it. GUSTAVO COSSETTI is particularly well known for developing deep and intense atmospheres throughout his sets, so prepare yourself for an enthusiastic and interesting sound journey.


…and make sure to come by earlier and take advantage of the *2-4-1 drinks deals on selected spirits, pints and shots between 10pm & 11.30pm*

See you all there!

*MAZE TECHNO: Designed for underground music lovers.

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